Dispenser bottle with curved pipe 1 ltr
Art. Nr. 24013

LD-PE. Diameter 90 mm, high 270 mm.

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Set of coloured coding rings for pressure sprayer art. 24011
Art. Nr. 24019

In 5 colours: blue-green-red-yellow-orange, incl. 2 marking posters.

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Compressed air sprayer
Art. Nr. 24011

1 ltr with Viton gaskets.

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Plastic paint touch-up bottle, size 20 ml
Art. Nr. 24006

Transparent. Incl. caps with brush, mixing balls, inserts and a funnel.

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3D Car shape black plastic, paint color sample
Art. Nr. 24040

Black plastic 3D car shapes for spraying paint samples. The rounded curves of each speed shape reflect the light off your paint finish at different angels, making them especially suitable for spray samples of Special Effect paints such as pearl paints, chameleons and Candy. With tag. Length: 24 cm, width: 12,5 cm, height: ± 5 cm.

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Art. Nr. 24023

Plastic clear spray out cards.

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Can scrapers
Art. Nr. 24008

3 scrapers for resp. ½, 1 and 3,8 ltr cans, length 41,5 cm.

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Pencil brushes on card
Art. Nr. 23028

Contents: 12x no. 4, 12x no. 6 and 12x no. 8.

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Body filler spreaders with grip
Art. Nr. 23007

Set of 2, contents: 1x 9,5 cm, 1x 12 cm.

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