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Quick Mix & Paint System

QMP system: kit with 190µ lids (box + cups neutral, no brand)
Art. Nr. 27355-190

All-in-one paint cup system for mixing, spraying and storing paint. With screw-on lid. Without flexible liners. 

Kit: 50 cups 700 ml, 50 lids with strainer, 20 caps.

The QMP System is an All-in-One paint cup system for mixing, spraying and storing paint, without flexible liners. This system of cups without liners is a lot faster and more practical, as it consists of only 2 components: the cup, and the easy screw-on lid for super-quick assembly. No leakage. The lid provides a continuous material flow for excellent spraying result. The strainer is already integrated inside the lid (125µ or 190µ). The remaining paint can be stored in the cup, using the cap.

Painters save time while increasing their productivity and at the same time improve the quality of their work thanks to the continuous material flow. You save time and money, because this system also reduces the use of cleaners and solvents.

The cup has several functions: 
- as a mixing cup to prepare the paint
- as a gravity paint cup on the spray-gun
- storage cup for the remaining paint, using the closing cap

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