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Paint run razor with holder and rope
Art. Nr. 17086

Gently scrapes off paint runners and dust particles in dry paint. On the top of the holder a small velcro sanding paper can be attached for polishing.

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Perfect Quality set
Art. Nr. 17036

Containing: 1 polishing block 1500 blue (art. 17029), 1 polishing block 2000 grey (art. 17043), 1 polishing block 3000 green (art. 17030), 1 cleaning pad for polishing blocks (art. 17033), 1 dust needles set (art. 17034), 1 paint run razor with holder and rope (art. 17086), 1 compressed sponge (art. 21047).

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Dust needles set: 1 holder and 10 needles
Art. Nr. 17034

For removal of dust particals on wet paint.

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Refinish imperfection repairset
Art. Nr. 17027

Containing: 3 polishing blocks (art. 17028/29/30 1x red, 1x blue, 1x green), 100 ml Polish cream, Polish cloth (art. 17032), cleaning pad (art. 17033).

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