Holder/dispenser for steering wheel protection foil
Art. Nr. 12028

For steering wheel protection foil: see art. 14101

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Plastic foil dispenser
Art. Nr. 12032

For rolls up to 100 cm wide, total width of roll holder tube: 110 cm. 

(For plastic foil see art. 14006 & 14007).

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Cover Quick foil with tape
Art. Nr. 13008 / 13010

13008 = length 33 m, width 140 cm

13010 = length 33 m, width 55 cm

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Static Mask plastic foil (HD-PE)
Art. Nr. 14006

With static effect, paint adhesive, transparent, width 4 m, length 200 m. Heat resistant till 110°C. 

For foil dispenser: see art. 12032.

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Liquid Masking Foil 19 ltr
Art. Nr. 14050

Liquid sprayable masking foil, waterbased. Transparent and non-tacky when dry. Protects against paint overspray, solvants, welding sparks and polishes.

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Protection foil for steering wheels
Art. Nr. 14101

Transparent. Width 16 cm, length 150 m, thickness 0,02 mm.

Ffor holder/dispenser: see art. 12028

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INP Protect surface shield, 100 cm x 25 m
Art. Nr. 14202

Self-adhesive foil, for protection of work tops, spray booth floors etc.

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