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INP handsander
Art. Nr. 17001

Orange, 10,5 x 21 cm.

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Sanding cork
Art. Nr. 17007

115 x 60 x 25 mm.

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MBX system 3200, electrical
Art. Nr. 17051

Electrical drive unit (480W, 230 V, 50 Hz) and adapter system 23 mm.

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Rubber Eraser 31 mm for MBX
Art. Nr. 17057

To remove stripes, stickers, adhesive tapes, and glue from metal surfaces. For use with adapter of 23 mm.

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Vinyl Zapper Ultimate 30
Art. Nr. 17067

Silicone compound. Wearless on non-abrasive surfaces. Working width ca. 30 mm.

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Sanding blocks
Art. Nr. 17075

Set of 6 different models.

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Hand sander yellow
Art. Nr. 17076

Tapered: 15 x min. 7,5/max. 8,5 cm.

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Dry Coat control powder black
Art. Nr. 17180

Makes imperfections visible in the surface while sanding. Set of 1 holder and 2 bottles.

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