Protek 4000GH HVLP gravity spray-gun

Protek 4000GH HVLP gravity spray-gun

This high performance spray gun separates itself from the competition by its superior atomization of base coats and clear coats.

Working pressure: 1-2 bar (15-28 psi) 

Gun weight: 522 gr

Incl. cup. Stainless steel nozzle, needle and air cap.

27605N-12 = 1,2 mm
27605N-13 = 1,3 mm
27605N-14 = 1,4 mm
27605N-16 = 1,6 mm
27605N-18 = 1,8 mm
27605N-20 = 2,0 mm
27605N-25 = 2,5 mm

Product specifications

  • Prod. No.27605N-xx
  • Sold perpiece

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