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Accessories for Gerson respirators

Gerson prefilters G11E class P2 NR
Art. Nr. 26123

For Gerson 8000 & 9000 respirator series, and Gerson 9955E full face respirator.
CE 2849, EN14387:2021, EN405:2001+A1:2009.

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Gerson prefilter retainer
Art. Nr. 26124

For prefilters art. 26123 and 26128.

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Gerson prefilters G40E class P3 NR
Art. Nr. 26128

For Gerson 9955E respirator and Gerson 9000 respirator series.
CE 2849, EN405:2001+A1:2009, EN14387:2021, EN143:2021

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Gerson coalfilter G01E2
Art. Nr. 26153

For Gerson 9000 paint spray respirator and Gerson 9955E full face respirator. Class A2. CE 2849, EN14387:2021.

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Disinfectant cleaning wipes
Art. Nr. 26170

For cleaning the inside of especially the half masks and full face mask.

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