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Ovencoat WR 4530
Art. Nr. 21225

Heavy-duty tacky surface coating for booths. Water-based. Safe for use up to ± 165°C.

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Dust Collect
Art. Nr. 21221

Traps dust on floors, walls, ledges. Apply regularly as a fine spray. For use in spray booths, storage, printing areas etc. Water-based.

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Tacky coating, water-based
Art. Nr. 21220

Clear anti-dust surface coating. Holds dust and protects against paint overspray. Easy to apply. No drying time required. Can be washed off. For 25 ltr packaging: see art. 21002.

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Cleaner Aquaboost, alkali liquid
Art. Nr. 21218

For removal of Barrier Coating art. 21217. Can also be used for general performance cleaning in factories, garages, offices, canteens, hospitals etc. Dilute in water.

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Barrier Coating A4505, water-based
Art. Nr. 21217

A tough, transparent coating suitable for a.o. floors, which, when dry, is resistant to water but can be removed with a diluted alkali solution (see Aquaboost art. 21218).

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