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Vinyl- and Leather Repair

Leather Flex Fill - 29 ml
Art. Nr. 15554

Air-cured filler, for scratches and other small surface damage often caused by pens, keys etc.

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Leather Deep Fill - 29 ml
Art. Nr. 15553

Air-cured filler for superficial cuts.

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Leather Crax Fill - 29 ml
Art. Nr. 15551

Air dry filler for reducing the cracked appearance of leather prior to re-colouring.

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LRC 42 (Leather Repair Compound) - 29 ml
Art. Nr. 15550

A liquid plastic that cures with heat. Will bond into the leather and will take a grain pattern.

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Mouldmaker 50 cc
Art. Nr. 15410

For making latex moulds of the original texture of f.e. dashboards.

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Vinyl- and leather repair set
Art. Nr. 15400

Complete system to repair cracks, tears and other damages in for example dashboards, and possibility for restoring the original texture. Contents: 50 ml B-Compound, 1x B-gel transparent, 1x B-gel black, 1x activator for B-gel, 8 mixer tips for B-gel, 2x mouldmakerset (art. 15410), 12 mixertips for mouldmakerset (art. 15411), 1x mini heating iron, 1x teflon sheet, 1x cooling bag, 1x mesh mat, 1x knife, 1x palette knife, 1x 400 ml Clearcoat aerosol.

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