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Velour Repair

Digital mini-scale
Art. Nr. 15402

Accuracy 0.01 gr. Capacity 0-60 gr.

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Velour repairset
Art. Nr. 15500

Repair system to repair cigarette burns and minor damages to seating quickly and easily.

Contents: 40 colours velour fibres, 1x cooling bag, 1x scissors, 1x velour puffer, 1x fibre brush, 1x reinforcement cloth, 100 ml A-Stitch glue, 60 ml A-Coat adhesive, 1x teflon sheet, 1 set of colouring pencils, 1x palette knife, 1x knife, 1x mouth atomiser, 1x mini heating iron, 1x tweezers, 250 ml Fabric Protection Shield, 50 gr G-Compound powder glue.

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