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Sealant applicator guns

Texture spray-gun for undercoating, adjustable
Art. Nr. 15021

For the application and spraying of protective and soundproofing materials. The working pressure and the amount of product to be sprayed can be adjusted so that many desired structures can be obtained.

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Valve for spray-gun 15021
Art. Nr. 15021-WB

For waterbased products.

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Texture spray-gun for undercoating
Art. Nr. 15023

Gun for application of protective and soundproofing products. With wax injector probe for body cavity applications.

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Undercoating gun with 2 disposable nozzles and tubes
Art. Nr. 15023S

New revolutionary spray gun with replaceable nozzles and suction tubes.

For the application of undercoating and other protective products.

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Air pressure seam-sealant pistol
Art. Nr. 15024

Professional spray gun for extruding and spraying spray sealant and single component sealing products (MS-polymer). Thanks to the spray gun’s possibilities for adjustment and atomization, a strong or light orange peel effect is possible, as well as profiles of various widths and thicknesses. For use with standard plastic and aluminium cartridges of 310 ml.

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