Quick Mix Board
Art. Nr. 23006

Easy-to-hold board with 80 sheets of special mixing paper for easy and quick mixing of body fillers, putties, fiberglass etc.

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PolyMulti: polyester multi-function filler 2 kg incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15731

For universal use as a filler on all sheet metal substrates such as galvanised and aluminium car bodies. Elastic multi-function filler with good adhesive properties. Very easy sanding.

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PolyFine: polyester fine filler 2 kg incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15726

For filling imperfections and shallow dents. Provides a pinhole free surface, very easy sanding. Elastic filler which can also be used to fill deeper dents.

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PolySpray: 2-comp. polyester spray filler 1,5 kg incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15715

For filling surface imperfections over large areas, pinholes and sanding marks. Fast drying, very easy sanding.

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Universal: multi purpose polyester putty 2 kg incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15710

For universal use on all sheet metal substrates, also galvanised or aluminium and wood. Fine dense filler with excellent adhesion. Very easy sanding.

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Poly Fiber: polyester fibreglass reinforced filler 1,8 kg incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15706

For filling very deep dents and repairing small rusty areas. Direct adhesion to sheet steel.

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Debrasel Alsi 12 incl. hardener
Art. Nr. 15012

Synthetic 2-component alloyed compound putty.

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